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EZ Undermount Sink Clips 10 Pack

EZ Undermount Sink Clips 10 Pack

SKU # FA-EZC-123-10PK

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About EZ Undermount Sink Clips

EZ Undermount Sink Clips are the easiest way to undermount sinks to virtually any surface, and are designed to eliminate drilling directly into the countertop. This prevents your countertop from cracking due to weakening in the material.

What's Included
Box of 10 includes full sets. Each clip set contains a clip, wingnut, and perferated base with threaded stud attached.

How to Use
The perferated base is adhered with special adhesive (Plexus Clip & Rod Bonder) to the bottom of a cleaned countertop. This allows for greater surface area contact with the countertop and greater adhesion without drilling. This method is extremely quick to install, and preferred amongst most fabricators and installers.

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